Nine ingenius ways to upcycle those empty plastic barrels

55-Gallon Plastic Barrel Projects

Plastic barrels are usually used for storing and selling liquids. Empty, they might be considered trash, but they can be so much more with these clever ideas!  Typically strong and durable, those empty plastic barrels can be upcycled in some wonderful ways by clever DIYers.

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Plastic barrels are a versatile material DIY-ers can always consider when they’re in need of something for the house. It might be an item for gardening or the outdoor area, or even something the kids can use for some outdoor play. Indeed, plastic barrels are a clever alternative for things that are often very expensive when store-bought!

Gallon Plastic Barrel Projects

Don’t have any empty barrels or access to any? Don’t despair, just go as far as Craigslist, Gumtree, or your local Facebook ‘buy, swap and sell’. As with pallets, it’s important to know and understand what those barrels originally contained. Even then, it would be worth giving them a good scrub out with detergent.

Is there any plastic barrel idea in the list below that you want to give a try? Or did we miss something? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Trailer Ride

Top Bar Bee Hive

Stylish Planter


Rain Barrel

Dog House

Strawberry Planter

Sink/Washing Station

Kids’ Soap Box Derby Cart



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