Portushome Guesthouse

Dörgicse, Hungary – Barna Architects Built Area:     90.0 m2 Year Built:     2017 Photographs:    Tamás Bata Portushome Guesthouse is a 90-square meter living space located in Hungary. Its design is quite unique; its structural characteristics are both rustic and modern. The property is a guest house designed to connect with the surrounding environment. […]

Noguera House

Las Condes, Chile – Riesco + Rivera Arquitectos Asociados Built Area:     139.8 m2 Year Built:     2011 Photographs:    Aryeh Kornfeld Noguera House is a contemporary residence made of two overlapping rectangular boxes. These are rotated to a certain degree. It’s a simple house with a fuss-free design. Despite its simplicity, the façade exudes quiet […]

K2 House

Melbourne City, Australia – FMD Architects Built Area:     114.0 m2 Year Built:     2017 Photographs:    Peter Bennetts Back in 2008, the architects have designed K2 House, a pad fit for a young bachelor. Nearly a decade later, the firm was tasked to make some changes to the design. The clients wanted to upgrade […]

House Around A Tree

Mazamitla, Mexico – Espacio EMA Built Area:     135.0 m2 Year Built:     2017 Photographs:    Patricia Hernandez The stunning pine trees in a narrow plot of land serve a far greater purpose than simply being a scenic background. A tree has actually been integrated into the design of the home. This explains why this dwelling is […]


Nagoya, Japan – Keitaro Muto Architects Built Area:     159.0 m2 Year Built:     2017 Photographs:    APERTOZERO DAIKO House is a modern three-story home in a densely populated neighborhood in Nagoya, Japan. Its trapezoidal upper floor is an eye-catcher. After all, it’s an interesting sight in a residential area inhabited by typically-designed houses. The clients’ […]

Black Ridge House

Greater London, United Kingdom – Neil Dusheiko Architects Built Area:     130.0 m2 Year Built:     2017 Photographs:    Tim Crocker Black Ridge House is an extension project to an existing Victorian home. Its rooflines are reminiscent of early-era Warner houses common in the neighbourhood. It features a gabled roof covered in Kebony. The material is […]


Vienna, Austria – smartvoll Area:     35.0 m2 Year Built:     2017 Photographs:    Dimitar Gamizov Kutscherhaus is the result of a renovation project done to a space that once belonged to a coachman. It’s a small house  located at the back of Vienna’s museumquartier and has existed for at least 100 years. The 35-square meter apartment […]

Casa R

Vilches, Chile – Felipe Lagos Area:     96.0 m2 Year Built:     2018 Photographs:    Courtesy of Felipe Lagos Casa R is a narrow holiday home located half-way through the top of the Andes Mountains. It’s a refuge for those seeking respite from extreme climates. It stands on isolated land. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, […]

1.8M Width House

Toshima, Japan – YUUA Architects & Associates Area:     80.4 m2 Year Built:     2017 Photographs:    SOBAJIMA Toshihiro Rapid urbanization has resulted in the lack of space, especially in dense cities. Because of this, narrow houses are becoming more popular. The 1.8M Width House takes its name from the measurement of the rooms inside it. This […]

Tranquility House

Yongin-si, South Korea – Snow AIde Area:     123.0 m2 Year Built:     2017 Photographs:    Jaeyoon Kim Tranquility House is located on the countryside, outside of Seoul, and away from the hectic city life. The rural landscape surrounding makes this dwelling an ideal family retreat. With stunning views of a lake and the wooded hillside, the property […]

Chalet La Petite Soeur

Saint Donat, Canada – ACDF Architecture Area:     130.0 m2 Year Built:     2018 Photographs:    Adrien Williams Chalet La Petite Soeur is an extension project to a rustic country cottage. It’s actually a modern structure that provides an interesting contrast to the old house. The newly-added building has a sharp gabled roof and reflects the dimensions […]

House for Beth

Door County, United States – Salmela Architect Area:     101.5 m2 Year Built:     2015 Photographs:    Paul Crosby House for Beth is a countryside home with a contemporary design. From afar, the house looks like a barn – a rectangular structure with a steep gabled roof. This may be because the design itself drew inspiration from […]

Lake Cottage

El Peñol, Colombia – artek Area:     100.0 m2 Year Built:     2016 Photographs:    Sergio Gomez, Juan Fernando Valencia Lake Cottage is a unique-looking holiday home, thanks to its zigzagging roof. The roof is actually a sequence of steep gables covered in dark-colored materials. The choice of color allows the structure to fade into the landscape. […]

Korokoro Bush House

Lower Hutt, New Zealand – Parsonson Architects Area:     169.0 m2 Year Built:     2017 Photographs:    Paul McCredie The Korokoro Bush House is contemporary dwelling infused with the rich heritage of its owners. It sits on a sloping site in the midst of a dense bush land. With such a dramatic setting, the architects made sure that […]

Into the Wild

Slovakia – Ark-shelter Year Built:     2018 Photographs:     BoysPlayNice Into the Wild is a prefab cabin located in the woods. Resembling a container-type structure, it’s a place where one can escape from the hectic city life – a detox from stress. Basic and fuss-free, it provides an opportunity to disconnect, relax, and recharge. The cabin […]