3 Easy Tips To Create A Swing Bed Made From Recycled Trampoline


Everybody enjoys jumping on a trampoline, but all good things come to an end. The question is what to do when your trampoline is wrecked beyond repair?

The best solution is to turn it into a circular swing bed! You might have come across those luxurious swing beds hanging from ceilings or trees. We all know how expensive they are. This is a great way to have your own without spending a fortune!

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To save money, make use of every part of your trampoline, including the ring, springs, and mat. Cover it with sheets to make it comfortable. You can also create an outdoor teepee version by just adding shade from an old tent.

This is a perfect way to relax indoors or out. The best part is that you can design your own trampoline swing bed to match the theme of your home’s interior or outdoor area.

Round Hanging Hammock Bed with Sunshade - The floatingbed

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How to make a Swing Bed Made From Recycled Trampoline?

1. Pad the edges of the trampoline.

First, fill the edges of the trampoline with noodle padding. Ensure to have it on all sides, then cover with a cloth.

2. Attach the ropes.

Attach the rope at the various points of the recycled trampoline. Leave a wide opening between ropes.

3. Secure the ropes.

Ensure the quality of the ropes to be used. These ropes should be strong enough to hold a capacity of people that will fit in your DIY swing bed. You may consider using metal chains instead of ropes for a big-sized DIY swing bed.

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