Add warmth to your home with these rustic log decor ideas

Rustic Log Decor Ideas

Do you want to make your house a little more homey? If you are looking at giving your home a touch of that rustic and homey feel that are often found in country homes, then try these log decor ideas!

Elements that bring a little bit of nature definitely helps in making any space more pleasant to live in. This is why we put plants inside our homes –  to make it a more relaxing place! Now if you feel that plants aren’t enough, then some rustic log decor or furniture should do the trick.

Rustic Log Decor Ideas

Logs are usually free, if you just know where to look and for them. They are also look raw and rough, which is why they come to mind when we think of that rustic feel.

Although rustic decors and furniture items are mostly found in country homes (such as cottages or homes in the countryside), it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t fit in a modern home.

Rustic Log Decor Ideas

Since most modern homes sport a minimalist design in its interiors, rustic decors are often used to add some natural element to it. Owners of modern homes can use one or two ideas as a statement piece or accent decor, without spoiling the modern architectural design of the house.

Do you think your home could use some rustic log decor? You’ll be surprised at the many possibilities that a log decor can bring to your home. Take a look at our list of ideas below and imagine what would look good in your home!

Which of these ideas do you like the most?

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Coat Rack
Candle Holder
Cedar Wood Log Display Shelf
Outdoor Bench/Chair
Wine Rack
Flower Vase Display Shelf
Dog Bowl Holder

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